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    Photomica allows you to add special effect to your photo. The special effect can be integrated to any photo of your choice. It is easy to add an effect to your photo. Firstly, you have to select a photo effect. When you are on the homepage, you will see a list of photo effects under the Select an effect category. To select an effect, you have to click the thumbnail with your mouse cursor.

    You can see example on video:

    After you have selected an effect, you must upload a photo. There are two ways of uploading the photo. The first method is to upload a photo from your computer. To upload a photo from your computer, you have to click on the Browse button. After clicking on the Browse button, a dialog box will appear on your computer screen. You should navigate to the appropriate folder and select the image which you want to upload to your computer. The second method of uploading the image is by pasting the URL of the image location into the text box and click on the Upload button.

    The image which you uploaded must be in .jpg, .gif or.png format. If your photo is not in any of these formats, you have to convert it to the format. The size of the image should not be more than 4 MB. If your photo’s size exceeds 4 MB, you must resize it to smaller size so that it can be uploaded. Other online services can be used to convert the photo into the right format. Both programs can also be used to resize the photo (You can search "online photo resizer" in Google Searh).

    After the image is uploaded, the photo editor will appear. A blue square will appear in the photo editor. You should drag the blue square to the part of the image which you want to crop. To crop the image, you simply click on Crop Image. If you want to increase the size of the image, you must drag the size adjustment bar. To rotate it, you can click on the image rotator feature on the top right corner.

    As soon as you have finished editing it, you will be able to download the new photo. If you want to be redirected to the download page, you have to click on the Crop Image button. After you click on the Crop image button, you will be redirected to the page where you can download the new image. The lower right corner has the Photomica watermark. The Photomica watermark lets people know that you created the photo effect from

    You can save the image onto your computer and use it for your social networking profile. To save the image, you can click on the right button of your mouse. When the right click menu appears, you should choose the Save Image as option or you can click on "Save to disk" button below result images. When the Save Image as dialog box appears, you should give the image file a name and press the Save button to save it to your computer. The image on the download image is in large size. Since you are uploading to the profile page of your social networking account, you should reduce the size. Good Luck!