33 Cool Photo Effects For Your Photo

    If you are planning to give a new and unique look to one of your old favorite photos or a new one taken recently, before you upload it in your social networking profile the cool photo effects available online can be a real treasure for you. You can add a total new angle to your picture making it something different from others with the help of the online photo editors. This piece of writing will tell you about the 33 coolest photo effects for your pictures.

1. E-Book Sony: This is no doubt a unique photo effect where you will find your picture being displayed in a Sony E-Book placed on a green grassy background.

Unique photo effect

2. Notebook: Want to have your picture in the laptop? This effect will show you as in a wall paper displayed on a black laptop placed on a working desk.

Your picture in the laptop

3. Old effect: Well this theme can make your picture look really different. It will show the picture as an old one hung on a rope by a wooden clip beside another old picture of a lady.

Your picture in the laptop

4. Maleficent background: Are you a fan of beautiful? You can now have your picture in the maleficent poster with this effect.

Miss usa photo card

5. Sharapova photo cards: You are a tennis lover and with this effect you can make it clear to your friends and online contacts how much passionate you are about the game. It shows your picture beside Sharapova.

Sharapova photo cards

6. Miley Cyrus card effect: For fans of Miley Cyrus this effect can be more than a perfect one. In this effect your picture is placed at the top right corner of the card with Miley Cyrus in the background.

Miley Cyrus card

7. Big Bang Theory cards: If you loved watching Big Bang Theory, you would also like to have your picture within the team. This effect puts your picture in a postcard beside the actor and actresses of the drama.

Big Bang Theory cards

8. GOT theme funny effects: Everyone loves this big budget serial of HBO and if you want to have your picture with the heroic characters of this drama, use this theme to give the coolest effect to your picture.

Game of Thrones

9. Take a smile fun effect: If you are looking for online photo editor change background to give a funny effect to your picture, this theme can be ideal.

Take a smile cards

10. Winter effect photo card: You have not been to the snow covered peaks ever, but it shall not stop you from posting your picture with the background of snow covered mountains and playing snowman.

Winter effect photo

11. Olympic London: This photo background will place your picture on the flag of U.K and Olympic logo in London.

Olympic London

12. Street Banner: Do you aspire to be a model and have your picture posted in the digital street banners beside the busiest roads? This cool photo effect can actually do that for you.

Street Banner

13. Retro Memories: This is an interesting effect which makes your picture appear in the hands of a beautiful lady looking engrossingly at it.

Retro Memories

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger with mobile: Be the wall paper in the mobile of the veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger with this effect. This effect is really cool for the fans of this legendary action hero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with mobile

15. Graffiti creator: This theme shows your picture being drawn by a graffiti artist. It gives the picture a real artistic look.

Graffiti creator

16. Poker game: Present your picture as the king or queen in the poker cards. The black background of the theme is sure to give the overall appearance a boost.

Poker game

17. Obama and Medvedev: Are you a fan of Obama? This theme will place your picture in the back page of the magazine Obama and Medvedev taking a look at.

Obama and Medvedev

18. Hand up photo: This theme is really cool and unique. It puts your photo up in the hands of 2-3 people and the blue sky in the background make it really eye catching.

Hand up photo

19. Ronaldo Picture: For the crazy fans of this football player this is the best chance to be in his hands. Here your picture is placed in the hands of Ronaldo, taking a deep look at it.

Ronaldo Picture

20. Halloween Party: This Halloween party themed background is ideal for the Halloween season.

Halloween Party

21. Metro Goldwyn Mayer: We all have seen that roaring lion in the MGM logo for thousand and one times; now see your own self replacing that lion in the logo. It is really cool.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer

22. Puppy: This theme is absolutely the coolest one for the dog lovers. Here your picture is shown with a cute puppy, missing your presence.


23. Loreal Paris: Be the next brand ambassador of the international cosmetic brand Loreal with this cool online photo effect.

Loreal Paris

24. Magazine effect: This effect puts your picture in the cover page of the popular magazines, be it Forbes, Maxim or Cosmopolitan. So, fulfill your dream of being the cover girl with this theme.

Magazine effect

25. Santa Face: With this online photo editing theme you can be the Santa of the year. It’s a lot of fun.

Santa Face

26. Beach fun: Have you been to the beaches lately? If you missed, there is nothing to be sad. This effect is sure to make your friends confused about when you got the time to get to the beaches.

Beach fun

27. Pope Benedict XVI: Being the pope is something you must have never thought about; but with this cool photo effect now you can be even the pope.

Pope Benedict XVI

28. Photo effects: This theme renders interesting photo effects on your uploaded picture. It can be a good one for a change.

Photo effects

29. Facebook cover quotes: This FaceBook cover themed background with interesting quotes can be a cool theme to present your personality on the social networking site.

Facebook cover quotes

30. Happy New Year Facebook cover: With this theme you can customize your photo with a happy New Year background, ideal for welcoming the New Year.

Happy New Year Facebook cover

31. Open your eyes: If you are looking for online photo editor change background for giving the coolest effect to your photos, this theme can make your picture appear in the eyes of some one.

Open your eyes

32. Baby Cat: Missing being a baby again? This theme will put your face on the body of a baby wearing a cat themed winter wear. So, be cool and be a kid again.

Baby Cat

33. Yacht: This photo background puts your picture on the yacht sailing on the deep blue sea.


The 33 cool photo effects discussed above make only a small chunk of the total options available. So, check for yourself and pick the one of your choice.
Highlight your central image by employing cool photo effects. Make it stand out by applying the online photo editor change background effect to enhance the cover of your publication. It only takes a few seconds to refine the image.